These Incredible Raindrop Shaped Tree Tents Let You Sleep In The Trees

There are two types of people in this world, those that would love to sleep and camp up in the trees, and those that would never want to camp up in the trees! This unique product is a little more tailored to the former group. This incredible tree tent allows you to sleep up on a tree and sway in the wind while  you camp high up in the air and off the ground! It's called the TreeTent, and it's shaped like a raindrop. The unique tree tent was designed and created by Dutch sculptor, designer, and canvas-architect, Dré Wapenaar.

Though you can't actually buy the dew drop shaped tree tent anywhere, they are available for rent 5 months of the year at the Hertshoorn campground in the Netherlands. They were designed by Wapenaar back in 1998, and were inspired by the Road Alert Group in England, which were activists that chained themselves to trees which were due to be cut down in the hope of saving them.

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These backpacks are excellent and have a lot of space info. They are great if you happen to get stuck in the rain about his. My backpack was soaking wet for about two hours and nothing inside was wet at all. I love this backpack. They are awesome.

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