Former Bricklayer Turns Stones Into Works Of Art

Johnny Clasper from Yorkshire, UK went from being a bricklayer to an established stonemason by rejecting the idea of a single path. He turns stones and rocks into anything ranging from patios to innovative sculptures and captivating mosaics.

Since an early age Clasper, now 38, loved practical subjects like pottery, woodworking, and metalwork. He didn’t translate those skills into good grades until he went to college to study brickworking: “At last something I really wanted to learn and really enjoyed doing.”

“My passion for stone takes me in many different directions, as I reject any boundaries to my work and I remain passionate about the work I do,” Clasper writes on his website. “If stone can be brought to life maybe it could become fluidic and flow like water would?”

Via: boredpanda

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