29 Things That Only Girls Who Grew Up In 80s Would Get

Time flies, and with that, trends, fads, and styles come and go. The children of today have iPhones in their pockets and Apple Watches on their wrists. They have e-readers instead of hardbound books. They play with video games instead of dolls and actions figures.

For those of you who grew up before those waves of technological advancement came crashing down on society, you likely don't forget the toys and trends that were around when you were kids. Below, you'll find 39 things that likely only ladies who grew up in the 80s will remember. Some fads stay forever, but most of these seem to have disappeared into the horizon

1. The difficulty of getting Popple into his perfect ball shape

2. Wearing plastic charms and attaching meaning to them all

3. Using and peeling off Tinkerbell nail polish

4. Styling yourself with these barrettes

5. Perfecting the sideways ponytail

6. Working out to the "Get in Shape, Girl!" cassette

7. Jake Ryan

8. My Lil' Pony

9. Getting new Cabbage Patch Kid and lining up all birth certificates

10. Scrunchies - a must in fashion!

11. Poochie!

12. She-Ra

13. Pound puppies were the cutest!

14. Had to get a Caboodle as the ultimate organizer

14. Swatch!

15. Definitely played with these glittery batons

16. Watching these movies on repeat

17. Lisa Frank was a gold standard

18. The eraser collection

19. Sweet Valley High books

20. Glo Worm and getting creeped out by is face in the middle of the night

21. Denise Huxtable = fashionista

23. Eww, jelly bracelets!

23. These stunk!

24. The 'Instagram' back in the day

25. This Guy

26. Coolest boombox in town

27. Lip Smackers

28. Care bears!

29. High end status symbol

source : sfg.buzz

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