A Mason jar hanger is an invention with the potential to save a lot of time and space in the home. Mason jars are so multi-faceted and useful that even outside of the hipster community, people have begun to adopt them for regular use. 

Finding a spot for every glass, jar and other kitchen utensil is an art. Sometimes it works and sometimes there are just so many things that it doesn't. This mason jar hanger called Mom's Mason Jar Hanger is a solution to that problem that is not only practical and easy to use, but also stylish.

The hanger itself is a metal piece that hangs from whatever surface you put it on and holds up the mason jars. The mason jars essentially float and can easily be slid out for use. The obvious way to use it is with food, but mason jars are durable and big enough to store many things. With this mason jar hanger you won't have to worry about organization.

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