Glitter Roots, The Stunning New Hair Trend That's Taking Over The Internet

It seems that nowadays, when a new trend emerges, it doesn't necessarily take over fashion or your life, but it takes over the internet. However, fashion, life, and everything else can pretty much be summed up by "the internet," so let's run with it. So what new thing did those cool, digital kids come up with now? Glitter roots, of course! 

What exactly are glitter roots? This is the question we're all dying to have answered, right? Well, it's not too complicated at all: when you've been slacking hard on getting your luscious locks did, and those nasty nuisances we call roots come in, and you want to cover 'em up without hitting the salon... glitter to the rescue. All you need is a little pomade and your favorite type of glitter. Sprinkle that bizz on your root region to your heart's content and voila! Black roots be gone, and your inner shimmer reigns supreme.

 Let's check things out...     

via : diply

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