Gingerbread Cabin Ghostly Gingerbread Cabin

Christmas shouldn't have a monopoly on gingerbread houses. The color of gingerbread fits beautifully with the colors of Halloween, and there's plenty of candy for decorating. Let's make a haunted gingerbread cabin!

Ingredients & Materials:

  • Flour, sugar, molasses, salt, spices, shortening, eggs -- for gingerbread
  • Royal icing -- I use meringue powder with powdered sugar & water; easier than homemade
  • Cardboard round (9-12") for the base. Make your own from a sturdy box, or buy from a baking supply store
  • Foil to cover base
  • Pastry bags and tips for decorating with royal icing
  • Food color (paste or powder) for coloring icing. A little black made the grayish base color
  • Candy, whole spices and/or seeds for decorating
See how to make at link below...

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