13 Homemade Christmas Decorations

As the holiday’s approach, this is the time when most people start lugging their decorations in heavy trunks from their storage closets or sheds. Of course, some of us are just starting out with our christmas ornament and christmas decoration collections or the ones we do have are falling apart or no longer to our liking. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of homemade christmas decorations you can make this holiday! Get all the merriment without the cost with these rustic DIY Christmas decorations!

1. Candy cane ornaments to light up your tree

2. Winter Snow Globes

3. Pallet Christmas tree for your porch

4. Cute decorations from recycled wine bottles

5. Reindeer foot print and hand print pillows to adorn your sofa

6. Reindeer rootbeer/beer

7. DIY Christmas towels for your kitchen

8. Cute snowman blocks for your living room

9. A snowman fridge to inspire the Christmas spirit out of your cooking

10. Rustic DIY Advent Wreath

11. Inverted glass snowmen candle holders for a brighter, warmer Christmas

12. Snowmen pots for a jolly holly Christmas

13. Bucket filled with pine cones and logs for a Christmass inspired porch

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