10 Inexpensive Ways Of Decorating Your Home For The Holiday Season

Can you feel the excitement of the holidays approaching yet? It’s never too early to start preparing for this fun season. Start planning ahead and gathering ideas so you can make your home as festive as it can be. You don’t need a big budget because these projects are all low cost...

Decorate the front door

Greet your guests with a festive-looking front door decor. You can use the usual things like Christmas tree branches, wreaths, ornaments and ribbon to make a really nice arch for the entrance. It can be simple or more ornate, depending on how much time and effort you’ll willing to dedicate to this project.

Take advantage of your high ceilings

If your living room has a high ceiling then what could you possibly be waiting for? Go get the biggest Christmas tree you can find because it will definitely fit inside. A majestic element anyone would love to have in their homes for the holidays.

Send a message with framed art

Special occasions require special decor solutions. Replace your usual wall decor with themed framed art like you see here. It’s a fun and simple project and you can adapt the idea however you want. What a lovely look for an entry hall or living room.

Deck the windows

Not sure where else you could display your lovely ornaments this Christmas? How about the windows? Hang Christmas balls, wreaths and whatever else you can find but keep the whole arrangement simple. You want the room to look festive, not overwhelming.

Make custom candle votives

Candles are always there every Christmas. They’re one of those things you use in your decor without even thinking. This year, make something special. Make your own votives using a tall glass or a glass container, glue and seasonal tree branches.

Festive letter decorations

You can either make your own leather out of wood if you want a rustic look or you can buy them and then simply decorate them however you want. You can replace one of the letters such as the “o” with a simple wreath.

Decorate the mantel

Anyone who has a fireplace can appreciate how versatile the mantel is. It always changes its look with the seasons and holidays. It’s time for your mantel to put on its Christmas outfit. Hang a wreath and decorate it with candles, ornaments and everything else.

Dress your mailbox

Improve your home’s curb appeal by decorating your mailbox. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy or complicated. Just make sure you send out the right message. A big bow usually does the trick.

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