50 Extremely Ingenious Crafts and DIY Projects That Are Recycling, Repurposing & Upcycling Tin Cans

A good diy project is hard to define but at its best it will upcycle a simple item that you would normally throw away into a stunning and functional item. From time to time we start DIY projects pursuing just the aesthetic values or just the functional; it is only natural to see these projects entirely different. At the end of the day the most important constant is recycling and upcycling and with this thought in mind we are approaching a field with infinite possibilities : upcycling tin cans into something new. Tin cans can be found in most homes with ease whether they contain dog food, peas or pineapple. If  somehow you`ve managed to avoid them in your weekly shops be sure that someone in your family or circle of friends has a weekly meeting with a tin can. As a result, tin cans are a huge resource that should be either recycled directly or re-purposed and upcycled into something new. The possibilities are endless and you will find below a couple of very simple and inexpensive diy projects worth starting. Recycle and stay green!

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