How to DIY Creative Rainbow Fan

Materials Needed to Make Rainbow Fan:

- Painter's Tape
- White Fan
- White, red, yellow, and blue craft paint*
- Foam Brush

*Note:  My craft paint does not permanently adhere to plastic.  If I scratch the blades, the paint will just tear off.  I'm ok with this because I just did this craft on a whim.   

Directions to Make Rainbow Fan:

1.  Remove the grill from the white fan.

2.  Place Painter's Tape on the center of your fan to protect the center from getting painted.

3.  If your blades aren't white, paint them white to help the colors really stand out. 

4.  Once the white paint dries, paint different combinations of red, yellow, or blue to create your 8 concentric rainbow rings. 
I used painter's tape to help generally create even bands of color.
Here's how I created each color of the rainbow (from innermost ring to outermost ring):

 Red- Three red blade bands
Orange- Two red and one yellow blade bands
Yellow- Three yellow blade bands
Green- One yellow and two blue blade bands
Blue- Three blue blade bands
Purple- Two red and one blue blade bands

5. Now comes the hardest part.  Wait for the paint to dry!  Don't turn on the fan on before the paint is completely dry.  (I was impatient and ended up splattering paint.)

6.  Once your paint dries, carefully remove the Painter's tape.  (When removing the Painter's tape, I ripped off a bit of my craft paint.  No worries, I just fixed up the botched up part with more red paint.) 

My fan looks like this without the grill on:

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