How to build a tree house

This tree house was built out of scrap wood and branches I had in our yard, and is a strong enough design not to require any more reinforcement than what you see here. It's also located at the start of our zip-line, which we put up last summer, and makes it a good place to climb up to and launch off from when needing to head out quickly across the yard.

What You Need
  • Power drill with a Phillips screw bit
  • Level
  • 6"-8" screws or nails (nails are stronger) for the frame
  • 3" screws for the deck
  • 2 - 6 foot 2"x6" pieces
  • 2 - filler pieces of 2"x6"
  • 8 - 4' decking pieces or 1"x6"
  • Small cut branch logs
  • Circular or hand saw
  • Rugs, pillows and accessories to suit 

See full toturial here : 

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