DIY Plant Pot Lighthouse

Create a Lighthouse using plant pots (clay pots) in different sizes. Create a small one for inside or a large one for a dramatic yard art. So easy to DIY!

What you need

  • 4 plant clay pots in varying sizes. 
  • Paints
  • 1 solar light 
  • clear white glue or PVA glue. 


This plant pot lighthouse is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. We created a small one so it could be used as a door stop inside a bedroom. We added a solar light to finish it off. You can make these with big pots for a huge yard art piece.
Step 1: Start by sealing your pots with a white glue or pot sealer.
Step 2: Once dried paint your pots in your choice of colors.
Step 3: Allow to dry before gluing them into place with silastic or white glue.
Step 4: Use black paint to add the fine detail.
Step 5: The solar light we chose had a removable stake which made adding it to the pots very easy. You could also use a small lantern or upturned jar for a faux light effect.
All done! What do you think?
via : craftbits

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