DIY Glowing Jars {Tutorial }

In general about this project / Usually about this project:

I have a lot of mason jars. Small ones and bigger ones, but I think, big jars look more cute, and magical. It took me a long time to paint the middle jar (about 5-6 hours). Be careful with the paint, it's waterproof, so after it dried you may not be able to remove it from your clothes and furnitures. Be sure to wash your brush after using it with this paint! 

Lots of jars you have little ones, big ones, but it seems to me that the bigger the better choice seem this project: they are then they will be very nice and magical! It is true that it is not hard to make them, but it is quite time-consuming (dotted the big 5-6 hours). The ink watch, because waterproof when dry, nothing's coming down. After staining, thoroughly wash off the ecseteteket! 


  • Mason jar / jars

  • Glowing paint 

  • Paintbrush / Brush

  • Some water / low water

Making of jars / the preparation process:

Wash your jar, and mix the paint with your brush to have the glowing particles evenly dissolved. 

Wash your bottle,and stir the ecseteddel to evenly distribute the light part of the paint. 

2 Make tiny dots in the inside of the jar. The more dots you make, the prettier the jar will look. 

Paint small dots inside the glass. The smaller dots you make, and the more of them, the more beautiful the bottle. 

3.Are done. It's this easy. In daylight your jar will not hurt look fancy, but at night ... it will make your room beautiful and cozy.Charge it with the lamp or with daylight and take it to a dark place! 

We are done. It's that simple. Day is not very pretty sight, but at night ... beautiful, cozy and makes the room. One thing should just add: light. Upload your lamp or sun can help and get dark! 

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