Deluxe DIY Sandbox Tutorial

 DIY Deluxe Sandbox
Notes:  The finished box is a little under 4' x 4' closed and 4' x 8' open, you will need a level space of this size.  This version will look a tiny bit different than what is pictured, I changed the bracing direction to make it easier.  The lid is too heavy for little ones to lift, so be sure there is an adult around to open and close it.  Lastly, the lid keeps cats out but not water, during rain/snow a tarp is advisable. 

Tools needed:
  • power drill
  • power saw
  • sander (optional)
  • paint brush

  • 8 - 2" x 4" x 8' pieces of wood
  • 2 - 2" x 6" x 8' pieces of wood
  • 1 piece of plywood (optional for bottom)
  • a box of 2 1/2" screws (stainless are ideal)
  • 3-4 stainless steel door hinges
  • sand paper
  • 1 jug/can of wood sealant or exterior paint
  • 6-8 bags of beach sand

Instructions for the Base:
  1. Download Deluxe DIY Sandbox Plans so that the whole thing makes more sense.
  2. Cut 2"x6"x8' boards into four 44" pieces and cut the plywood (if using) into a 45 1/2" square.
  3. Screw 2"x6" boards together in a square (see Figure 1) using 2 or 3 screws per side.
  4. Place plywood square on top and screw down.
  5. Flip over and set in place.

Instructions for the Deck:
  1. Cut 2"x4"x8' pieces into sixteen 45 1/2" pieces and save the scraps.
  2. Place 13 cut pieces side by side on level ground so that they form a 45 1/2" square.
  3. Place two more pieces across each side side as shown in Figure 2.  
  4. Screw two screws through the cross pieces into each of the 13 deck pieces.  See Figure 2.

Instructions for the Handle and Hinges:
  1. Use two 2"x4" scrap pieces (4"-5" long) and screw down into one end of each brace piece as shown in Figure 3.
  2. Place your last 45 1/2" long piece on top of the scrap pieces and screw down to form the handle.  (See Figure 3)
  3. Place the deck on the base, as it will sit as the cover.  On the edge opposite of the handle, install 3-4 hinges (evenly spaced) as shown in Figure 4.

Instructions for the big finish:
  1. Make sure you have a nice even spot to open your deck onto before you flip her open.
  2. Sand and seal the whole thing inside and out. 
  3. When the box is dry, fill it wit

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