17 Tips for Surviving a Long Flight in Coach

1)Choose exit row or premium seats.Exit rows have miles of extra leg-room and seats towards the front of the plane or in mini-cabins can provide nicer flying conditions (and may also have power outlets, which are a nice perk). While most airlines block them for elites, some (like Delta) will let anyone choose them at purchase for international flights. If you can’t select an exit row seat, call the airline and ask. Tip: if you snag an exit row, pack an extra sweater- it can be freezing in flight- I have learned this the hard way.

2)Check in 24 hours before departure. A lot of airlines open up premium seats for selection at this time.

3) If you can’t get an exit row,ask the gate agent for a bulkhead seat.These are usually held for gate assignment in case there are any families that need to use the bulkhead bassinet or for disabled people. While bulkhead seats may have limited legroom, you won’t have to deal with someone reclining their seat into your limited space. Also, bulkheads are usually closer to the exit, so you can get off the plane and get to immigration before the masses.

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