Watermelon Fruit Bowl

  • Watermelon and assorted fresh fruits


  1. First you will need to cut the watermelon in half.  Using a melon ball tool you will remove just about all the watermelon from within each half. Depending on the amount of fruit you have you may not want to put all the watermelon back into the “shell”.
  2. Take any other melon type fruits and do the same thing as with the watermelon. To make it easier you can cut the melons into quarters.
  3. Take all other assorted fresh fruits and slice them into pieces; strawberries into halves (unless large than quarters), pineapples into chunks, peel and separate the oranges, blueberries whole, kiwi’s into slices, and any other fruit you’d like to add to your fruit bowl.
  4. Take all fruit layer them into the “shell” of the watermelon.  You can also mix all the fruit up and then poor it into the “shell” so you get a variety of fruit with each spoonful.

via  : shawnann

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