Ideas With Old Sinks

The old marble sinks and countertops with sadness that I see in the trash, have great value perhaps not many can appreciate. 
We are in the period of DIY and re-use of old objects that if we lived in the 90's we would have already flown and replace with others, worth twice that amount. Nowadays, however, to imagine a little old sink we could use it as a plant pot or a bath bird and many other uses..So if you have old sinks, we will show you some amazing ideas to use it again!!

Great way use my old kitchen sink

            Recycle and repurpose into garden decor by adding decorative vintage legs.

A new use for an old sink and door

Flower pot made from old sink

 Sink planter...

Make a mini garden 

Potting Bench

Old Vanity Sink with Flowers

Recycled a mosaic garden bird bath

Old sink planter with built-in-drainage 

Sink planter...

images source : pinterest

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