How to DIY Plaster Hand Jewelry Holder

Today I am going to present a simple idea of ??jewelry holder that you can do to adorn your home. This will help you organize your jewelry in a very easy and beautiful way.

Materials you need:
  • 1 kg plaster of Paris
  • a pair of resistant rubber gloves
  • timber of 20 x 30 cm
  • a glass
  • pencil.

Use glass and pencil to mark a circle on the board of wood , and then cut the circle of using an electric drill and cutter . Finish the edge of the hole with sandpaper and put a glove in the hole fixing with staples (use stapling device). Now prepare a mixture of water and gypsum. Measure how much water you need the help of the other glove. Put water in a bowl and sprinkle plaster on it . The mixture was stirred yet . Let’s set it for additional minute or two. Mixture with a spoon or spatula, stir briefly slow side to side movements. The composition should be neither thin nor fat. Pour the mixture into the glove and let it harden for 48 hours. Finally, you can break the glove to remove it more easily. Color or paste pattern on it if you like.. 

via : fabartdiy

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