Hair Dryer Hacks: 10 New Ways to Use Hair Dryers

Who knew there were so many uses for hair dryers? It's such a simple, versatile tool that will help out everywhere in the home, from the kitchen to the closet. Here are my 11 favorite hair dryer hacks. 

1. Remove Stickers
Don't pick away at stickers that will eventually rip anymore! Just use your hair dryer on it for a bit and it will easily peel away.

2. Custom-Fitted Glasses
Have a cheap backup pair that just doesn't fit right? Just heat up the ends then shape them. Do not do this with your expensive, primary glasses! 

3. Dry Your Nails
Just put it on low or medium then move the hair dryer back and forth. If you set the hair dryer too high, it will ruin your nails, so be patient and use low or medium settings.

4. Remove Crayon From Walls
Crayons are made out of wax, so heating it up will make it easier to remove it. 

5. Remove Candle Wax
Hair dryers remove crayon, so why not candle wax? If it's made of wax then a hair dryer can remove it.

6. Remove Steam
Hate that your bathroom mirror is not usable after a shower? Just use your hair dryer. Just a quick blast then go ahead and blow dry your hair. Win-win.

7. Professional Finish on your Cake
When you've iced your cake, give it a quick blast of hot air with your hair dryer. This will add a nice gloss for a professional look.

8. De-wrinkle Clothes
Don't have an iron but want to get rid of wrinkles? Just hold your hair dryer a few inches away from your clothes and watch the wrinkles disappear. This works best on cotton, though, so results may vary depending on the material.

9. Make S'Mores
You won't get that characteristic caramelized brown exterior but it will get the job done nonetheless.

10. Hair Dryer Stand
Make your morning styling significantly easier by using a hair dryer stand, as it frees up both of your hands.

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