DIY Stunning Woven Beaded Necklace

- seed beads (we chose two colors, but possibilities are endless!)
- jewelry thread
- 2 silver cones
- 2 silver jump rings
- silver lobster clasp
- E6000 glue
- 2 head pins

- scissors
- 2 needle nose pliers
- jewelry needle


1. String seed beads onto jewelry thread. You will need four sets of three strands; two in each color. Each strand should be 30 inches long.

2. Tie strands together and tape to the table. Separate each set of three strands by color, in alternating colors.

3. Starting on the right  and moving toward the left, take grouping one and weave it over grouping two, then under grouping three and over grouping four.

4. Now take the *new* group three weave it over group two and under group one.

5. Take the *new* group two and weave it under group three and over group four.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you are at the bottom of the necklace.

7. Once you’ve reached the bottom, wrap some thread around all the seed bead strands. This will keep everything in place while you adjust the beaded strands.

8. Carefully cut the ends and release the beads below the wrapped thread. Tie these threads to one another to prevent other beads from falling off. Once all strands are cut, tie them together in one big knot.

9. Assemble the ends by inserting a head pin into the silver cone. Cut the wire and create a loop. Make two of these.

10. Attach a jump ring to one silver cone and then a jump ring and lobster clasp to the other silver cone.

11. Cut the extra thread from the necklace, add E6000 super glue and glue the end into the silver cone. Wait one hour for the glue to dry.

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