DIY Garden Hose Storage

DIY garden hose storage projects will help clean up the mess, and might save you from face planting in the tulips as well. Get to DIYin’!

Up-cycle an old wash tub from a washing machine as a hose holder!

Use old wooden spools attached to a wall to create a unique hose wrap, from Sunset.

Screw a metal pail onto a wood post, and use as a DIY hose wrap. Charming!

Same idea, using a wire basket or bowl

Working on a theme, but this time the bucket does double duty as storage for small items as well!

An inexpensive alternative to buying an expensive garden hose hook

So wrangle up those garden hoses, and use these DIY garden hose storage projects to keep your garden a little bit more garden, and a little less hazard zone!

 via: thegardenglove

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