Cute DIY kids’ fence

This quirky faux-birdhouse fence is the perfect backdrop to a kids’ garden. Use different hues for each paling for a fun result – the brighter the colours the better. For step-by-step instructions, read on…

  • Bench saw (or use a circular saw or handsaw)
  • Handsaw
  • Power drill
  • Hole saw
  • 40mm galvanised nails
  • Hammer
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Sandpaper

  • 8 x fence palings 1200mm x 150mm x 19mm
  • Tanalised plywood offcuts for roofing
  • 3 x dowelling pieces 120mm x 12mm
  • Paint test pots

Step 1
Using a bench saw, cut three of the palings down to 100m wide. Set aside the offcuts to use as rails. (See photo below)
Step 2
With a handsaw, cut the top of each paling (all eight) at a different angle to form the roof shape. (See photo below)
Step 3
Drill bird holes, at different heights, with a power drill and hole saw. Sand any rough edges with sandpaper. Then, using an ordinary drill bit, drill holes for bird perches (big enough to insert the dowelling) below the bird holes in three of the panels. (See photo below)
Step 4
Make a roof for each paling out of plywood offcuts. On two-sided roofs, one roofing ‘tile’ will need to be cut on an angle. Secure with nails. (See photo below)
Step 5
Paint four of the panels in different colours. Allow to dry. (See photo below)
Step 6
Lay out fence palings in desired position, according to colours and shapes. When you’re happy with your positioning, flip the palings over so they’re face down. Use a long piece of wood to line up the bottom edge and a spacer to space palings at an equal distance. Use the paling offcuts you set aside as rails (you need two) and nail one 100mm from the bottom edge and the other just below the lowest bird hole. Use a space as you go, to ensure the palings don’t move. Turn fence over again and nail fence into rails from the other side as well. Touch up the paint if necessary. (See photo below)
Step 7
Insert the dowelling pieces, then erect your fence in the garden.

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