Bring the Beach in Your Backyard – Amazing DIY Sandbox

Keep your children always smiling and happy by providing them endless playing in your backyard. Build them a wood sandbox and bring all the fun from the beach in your backyard. This DIY project is very simple and easy to make. All you need is wooden slats, sand and some aids. You can make it with, or without roof, in any shapes and forms. But remember your kids are exposed to UV rays from the sun, so if you don`t have a tree in the near, you need to make shade to prevent your youngsters from the harmful rays. For all safety and security build the sandbox where you can keep on eye the kids while they are playing.

Covering the sandbox is good decision. That way you will keep the sand safe from moisture and other harmful particles. You can build benches for sitting on the corners, and on the sides too. For bigger fun, you can add accessories like shells, buckets, trucks. 

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