17 DIY Projects Created With Cinder Blocks

These super-affordable building materials are solid ,and they can be used to create a slew of interesting finished products, from garden walls to modern seating.
Why are cinder blocks so versatile? Perhaps it’s the fact that their form is simple, clean-lined and modern. And their color is a tone of gray that goes with everything. Not to mention, many of these blocks have openings that are perfect for displaying plants and incorporating other materials, such as wooden beams. Whether you’re looking for a way to spruce up the outdoors or you’re needing some easy-to-build pieces for your interior, check out the ideas below and get ready to be inspired!

 Cinder Block Tables

Cinder Block Seating 

Cinder Block Beds

Cinder Block Shelving

Cinder Block Planters

via : decoist

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