10 Vegetables You Can Regrow Indoors

1. Scallions can grow from their roots
Make sure you change the water every day! They should grow in a week!

2. Grow edible garlic sprouts from a garlic clove.

3. Grow romaine lettuce from the bottom head of a lettuce.
You can put it in soil so that the leaves grow twice the size but you don't have to!

4. Grow basil from basil cuttings.
Change the water often!

5. Lemongrass (great for smoothies) can grow from its roots.
It only takes around 3 weeks for the roots to show, then you need to transfer them into a pot of soil.

6. Grow celery from a leftover celery bottom.
Like the lemongrass, you'll need to replant it in soil, though only after three days

7. Grow onion from its root.
Put it directly into a pot of soil and watch your onion grow!

8. Grow ginger roots from their roots.
This is a low maintenance project but it does take a lot of time. It can take a few months for shoots to sprout and almost a year for the plant to actually grow. 

9. Grow Bok Choy the same way you grow celery

10. Regrow a Pineapple from its crown

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