10 Delicious Breakfast Ideas With Eggs!

Eggs are a great way to start your day (or to even end your day!) They're packed with protein and are filling so that you're pleasantly satisfied with enough energy to take on your day! But eggs can be quite boring when you eat them the same way every morning. And there's only so much you can do to scrambled eggs or sunny side up eggs. So, these recipes give your eggs that extra oumph you need to keep them around all week!

1. Egg Stuffed Potatoes

Mmmm. Crack and egg into a slightly hollowed out potato with some green onion and some ham or bacon. Whip up some hash browns on the side using the scooped out potato. Perfect!

2. Eggs in Bacon Cups

This is great for people who are trying to cut out the bread from their diets! 

3. Eggs in Clouds

The egg whites are whipped and mixed with cheese and bacon to create a light and fluffy crust!

4. Sunny Side Up Onion Rings

Unfortunately these aren't fried. But, hey, that makes this a healthy breakfast, chin up, butter cup!

5. Baker's Dozen Eggs

These bread bowls are adorable! 

6. Poached Eggs with Shitake Mushrooms, wilted Arugula and White Truffle Cream

All sitting on top a crisp and fluffy piece of bread! 

7. Baked Eggs in Tomato Cups

Mmm, cheesy, eggy, tomatoey goodness in the morning!

8. Baked Eggs in Croissant Nests

These are great to make if you've got some leftover croissant that are going to go stale!

9. Creamy Parmesan Egg Skillet

10. Sunny Side Up Squash Ring Eggs

Get your vegetable intake with these beautiful, summery, happy eggs!

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